Dora is an armchair designed for the residential market and suitable for any interior environment. The generous, comfortable upholstered seat and the slim metal structure provide a pleasant effect thanks to the well-balanced proportions. The result is a versatile, sleek design object where Scandinavian and Italian design meet and blend in.

Metrica – design Bruno Fattorini, Robin Rizzini


Metrica elicits the process of design that must face constraints and incentives imposed by manufacturing process, the market and the client. All the projects are scheduled according to Gantt shared with the clients and based on the development of two phases.

The product concept phase produces mood boards, iconographic research and marketing analysis to challenge the company’s brief and to suggest the design outlines.

The design concept phase includes design routes and sketches, design development supported by renders and 3D design, and the final design supported by technical drawings.

Gruppo Industriale Busnelli


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